The Cloud Advantage



Cloud Based Technology

The benefits of the cloud are endless and your company deserves a cost break. The cloud offers both safe and secure access to data .. we will show you how.


No More Hardware

The days of having several external drives hanging off of the back of your PC are over, we will help you move your data from your office floor (literally) to a reliable cloud storage provider. We can even get rid of your PC. Now all you have to do is figure out what to do with those external drives. How about something like a coaster or a bookend, we are sure you’ll think of something.


Less Down Time

Power outages, theft, fire, or just spilling your coffee is all it takes for data to disappear for good.  If you are using in-house servers to support your email, databases, and applications, you are already well aware of how long it takes to get your business back online. Now if you had everything in the cloud, well, the only call you’ll need to make is to the power company. Are you getting close to the ahamoment?

ClearView Services



Data Protection

You run big risks by not properly protecting the information on your PCs, Macs, laptops, and servers. But there are affordable data backup solutions that you can count on for complete access, recovery, and restoration of data from computers and servers, both locally and to an offsite location. Read on


Hosting Solutions

When it comes to hosting, every company has specific needs. That’s why our hosting solutions come with plenty of options. You get the performance, security, flexibility, scalability and price that works for you. Not sure what you need? We’re happy to discuss what option is best for your business. Read on


Hourly IT

Small business owners seldom need their own IT staff, but they do need dependable tech resources under a variety of circumstances. Our hourly services tailor IT support to your current technical needs. Read on


Managed Services

The depth and breadth of IT requirements aren’t always readily apparent and tech staff are often under tremendous pressure to juggle both individual and system-wide requirements. If your business has strong support in some areas, but is less agile in others, managed IT services may fit the bill for you. Read on


Vendor Management

As your business brows, our systems scale upward quickly and easily, giving you the voice communications that support your business. If your needs aren’t as great as you estimated, it’s easy to scale back and get them in line with what you need. Read on